Wednesday, September 12, 2012

make this

Pinterest and good friends, it's about all this girl needs during the week{besides hugs and kisses from all my boys}to feel good.  Tisha{my wonderful friend who moved away and I miss so much}inspired me to make my own laundry detergent.  On a quest to continue to save money, this seemed like a great opportunity to cut my Target bill a bit. There are a lot of "recipes" on Pinterest, but this is the one I settled on.   It took just minutes to assemble and guess what?? It took the funky smell out of my towels that I had been trying for a week to get rid of{have you ever had towels get's gross}.  
I'm not sure how many "recipes" all this will make, but I'm thinking it adds up to just pennies a load.

They suggested putting this in a blender to work into an even finer powder, but I honestly do most washing on warm so wasn't worried about the soap particles dissolving{you might want to bring out the blender if you wash on cold}. I might be imagining things, but I swear my laundry seems cleaner than ever before and if nothing else, my husband really thinks I'm taking my budget seriously{which I am...really}.


Becca said...

Doing this too! I have to finish up my liquid detergent first! I'm so glad to hear that it actually does wash well {from aomeone I know and trust} :)

Kristin said...

I've done homemade for about a year and love it.

Watch your whites though-mine started to get dingy so since I only do one load of whites a week I alternate mrs Meyers with homemade each week. Still much, MUCH cheaper than buying detergent all the time. I also wash all our clothes in cold...perhaps that was the problem.

Sue said...

Just started using "homemade" too, thanks to my awesome daughter-in-law (that would be Tisha!). Everything I read said it is safe for HE machines (we have a top loading HE). Has anyone heard anything different?

Tisha said...

Yay!! So glad you are liking it. I'm totally sold on the laundry det. and it is so easy to make! I like the pampered chef measuring spoon too...good idea. Right now I'm using one of Sadie tea cup toys as a scooper! I think I need to upgrade and you even tied a little ribbon to make it cute! Miss you. Love the new van too. Looks like a great traveling for heading to NC some time soon:-)