Monday, August 30, 2010

cyber- arranging

Disclaimer(if you are new to this blog): This post's soul purpose is so my mother can weigh in on the re-arrangement of the sun room . It is not to inspire(although maybe you'll read this and start making your husband lift heavy things), and it is not meant to showcase any sort of perfection in the world of decorating. Although, your opinion does count and I need help.  I have already shown you my kitchen so how much more embarrassed could I get ;)

The picture that inspired a new arrangement

The room- minus my original arrangement(I never plan ahead, a little like my recipe posts). Previously I had the love seat and two chairs around a coffee table in the main portion of the room with the couch facing the windows and the chair backs to the windows.  It worked ok, but  no one sat out there but me, not such a bad thing, but I am aiming for a cozy family feel when the boys are bigger and not so annoying-did I just say that out loud-oops.  This room is the best part of this house, so I want it to be a place where guests as well as family choose to gather. 

 Big problems of this room
1.All the windows leave no walls to anchor from. 
2. A very poorly placed gas heater
3. some might say unattractive flooring.

You can sorta see the black heater behind this table. I am mad at it. 
This table is my desk.  The heater makes the placement totally off because I can't center it from the corner and I am clearly trying to hide it.  My concern here is that it looks way strange, cluttered and whatever else lingo a decorator would use.

Like the inspiration picture I am trying to use a dining table as a side/console table.  Is this working?  Pay no mind to my dogs behind.
The hot mess is not staying.  The blue table just doesn't wanna be friends with my red floor. Nope-it all has to go.
So now I am back to this picture and the question

What do you think about me bringing the brown leather couch in here along the windows facing the love seat?

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