Wednesday, August 25, 2010

summer reading

I am finally back to reading.  Between having a baby and moving, I just hadn't been able to cram it in.  This summer I have read a couple of books and wanted to recommend "The Help" to anyone is looking for a good story to get engrossed in.
We bought a new rug for our bedroom and it has "forced" me to change my bedding.  I know, a tragic problem. Have you ever bought a big rug?  It kinda stinks.  I just never seem to see what I am looking for, color, pattern or otherwise.  They are very expensive and like I just experienced, it will likely change the whole feel of the room.  I'm not into starting over in all the rooms that I need rugs for(decided I'm not all that crazy about hard wood floors after all).  My bedding was in need of a change so I was ok with purchasing some new things, but I am hoping that the rug I buy for the family room doesn't leave me with this issue.  Anyways, I did splurge on a Pottery Barn pillow cover and shams, but bought everything else from Target.  I am hoping Santa can find the quilt that matches the shams on sale in December :) 
Here is the project I am working on this week.  The boy's craft room.  I have given myself two weeks to get paint on the walls and the cabinets painted white.  It has already taken me three days to prep it, at this rate I may not make my deadline.  I have considered painting one wall with chalkboard paint, but feel a little over that trend-I'll let you know how it all turns out. Have a great day!


Jody B said...

I am halfway through "The Help" and would also recommend it. It is a wonderful story about women - humorous, sad and heartwarming.

Kristin said...

Your boys get a craft room?!?! I'm jealous.

Jenny said...

I tried to comment yesterday and darn blogger wasn't cooperating. I'm pretty sure I was way wittier then, but oh well.

Love the new light. Martha would be so proud. It looks great.

I must say I am cracking up at you talking about your kitchen. Don't lose any sleep over that place, you'll have it looking super spiffy in no time. Be sure to post pics, if we ever get to move, I know a kitchen redo is in my future. I also have to say, we too have a horseshoe hanging over our door. Great minds think alike! Cannot wait to see the craft room, although I am jealous the boys get such a great space. Zoe had better not find out, I'll be in serious trouble.

And lastly, I have to wipe the drool off my computer screen. I want to sample that tomato tart so bad. Tomatoes are one of my favorites foods, holy yum. I am very much going to make this one. Will you be my chef someday?!