Thursday, August 26, 2010

a little country touch

There is nothing like a long car ride that makes me buy every magazine on the news stand.  My dad can hardly understand why I don't read the newspaper.  Pleeeease, I get all the news I need form US Weekly and the Today show and the only thing I need to be "up to date" on is the latest decorating fad. That's what is so beautiful about my particular life style, I can tune the rest of everything out as I like.  

Country Living had this adorable idea.  Who doesn't have a Mason Jar, well actually I didn't, but I ran right out to get one.  They ordered the dispenser from for 3.75$, but there is a good chance you already have one or could find one at the Dollar Store.  Drill a 1/2 inch hole in the lid, trim dispenser end as needed, and starting washing. 


Jenny said...

Love it!!! Us Weekly is my most favorite, I would be lost without the celeb news, all the other news is too depressing.

Martha A. said...

So, you just use any dispenser? Cool!