Thursday, September 15, 2011

Do You Do This?

I'm not exactly sure when it happened, but sometime in the last seven years I have been unable to bake a whole batch of cookies.  It started with getting distracted and burning at least two of the four batches, I then tried baking a few batches and when I got too busy with everything I would throw the dough(in the bowl, with the mixing spoon still in it) into the fridge to finish it late.  Problem was later never came and I would have 12 cookies baked and the rest of the dough in the garbage.  I then started making cookie bars but eventually started missing my round little friends.  I don't think this qualify as an Oprah "ah ha moment", but hello brilliant, and hello me for being so dense.

 All my cookie dough in a row
 into the freezer little cuties
frozen cookie dough just begging to become a treat.  Fresh baked cookies when my kids get home from school is one of my greatest joys.  In this manner, you can have fresh baked cookies every day-hooray! And lets just say when it's been one of those kind of weeks, these don't even need to meet the oven, "geegee balls"(as Sloan obsessively shouts through the house) are a crowd pleaser as well.

Speaking of my littlest rascal.  I present you with a montage of my favorite Sloan pictures of the week.

You know how experienced mothers put your mind at ease when your child is attempting to meet milestones. "Oh don't worry", they say, "little Billy won't be going to Kindergarten in diapers!" Well, it's a real possibility that little Sobee will be going with a paci in his mouth ;) But can you blame him? He pulls the look off so well! 


Becca said...

Oh we love you! How cute are those pics? Love the cookie idea too...I've heard about doing that just never have. What I hate is when you bake 3 dozen cookies and they're gone in one evening. Yeah...that happens...and I won't name names, but I do control the kids portions and it's not me :)

Jenny said...

Cookie dough doesn't last long enough here to freeze, my kids (and hubby) scarf it down before I can bake most of it. I know, the whole raw egg thing but they don't care! They are like those people on Fear Factor, I tell ya. Sloany I love you and want to squeeze you so much, in a good way. Tanner is addicted to his papi too, holy moly, I don't know what I am going to do about it.

meri said...

Yeah cookies!!!!!!! YUM!!!!!!!