Wednesday, September 28, 2011

what I wore wednesday

I've been reading blogs for several years now.  When I have come across a What I Wore Wednesday post, I've always been impressed with what all these chics are wearing.  Have you ever seen Lisa Leonard's posts, I mean the girl is adorable and her little outfits are inspiring, as they aren't all expensive and such, but just creative.   Every day she has accessories{well, she is a jewelry designer} and boots and skirts and jackets and things that make her look all stylish working and running errands.  The Pleated Poppy girl is just cute as can be in all her outfits. It's really nice to see.   I love clothes and shoes and purses and earrings and all that good stuff, but some days...gulp...I don't get out of my sweats....


I took a shower on this day.  What a waste of some perfectly good water!  I even woke up at 5:30 to take that shower-what?? I put these sweats on to run the boys to school and intended to come back and change.  That never happened.  I took the dog to the vet, headed to the gym{might as well, there was no reason to preserve my perfectly coiffed hair at this point}, came home and did some work around the house, contemplated changing, didn't, picked the boys up from school, took them out for ice cream, made dinner, visited at my neighbors.  Didn't feel much shame. I am a "What I Wore" failure! 

It makes me think of my old friend Kristi{are you still out there Kristi?}.  She was always very conscientious of her sweats and hair in a pony.  She said her husband wasn't a big fan, and honestly neither is mine{he never says anything, but he no doubt wonders why all the clothes in my closet aren't making it onto my body}. I usually save this look for Saturday morning, and I think I better keep it there too. Next week I'll do better.

What I wore: comfy clothes thanks to Target
What I wore{in my heart} Joy! Praise God for sweat pants{no matter how bad they look on any given day during the week!} 

p.s. Kristi...are you there...I was thinking about you this morning too.  I remember you telling me when you were young, your family would hold up signs while you were driving.  Just a friendly shout out to the idiots on the rode.  The thought of you hanging out of the window holding a sign telling the driver next to you to, "USE YOUR TURN SIGNAL NEXT TIME!"cracks me up.  I am seriously thinking of making some of my own.  The first one would be, "STOP TEXTING OR ELSE!" You know, with a friendly exclamation point and all :)


Jenny Ewoldsen Spencer said...

Sarah I absolutely love your blog, and girl you can work those are blessed!

Jenny said...

You'd look good in a potato sack you big goof! Anywho, I am currently rocking sweats and/or yoga pants until I can pull my jeans up past my thighs, darn pregnancy, so I am scouring those fashion blogs for ideas. I don't know if I'll ever get to execute any of them, but I love to browse.

Kristin said...

Yesterday I had on sweats too but mine had paint all over them and I still wore them to drop Zach off at youth group that evening. Sigh. Some days you just have to embrace the sweats. I agree with Jenny you look great in them :)

Kristin said...

Ps. The salad was delish. Chris loved it so much he just ate it right out of the big bowl--I would have joined him but I was already full from all I had already eaten. Thanks for the great recipe.

Becca said...

LOL...that is what every what I wore Wednesday post would look like for me! Well...not exactly...I'm rockin a sweet muffin top!! Love to you!