Monday, September 19, 2011

I'll be making that {again and again} Monday

Of all the things that have been handed down to me from my mother, my favorite "heirloom" is her wooden bowl.  Crazy huh!?  I mean, what person doesn't go coo coo for silver and china.  I guess one who loves themselves lots of salad :)  This is the bowl that sat on our dinner table when I was growing up and the bowl that made my grandmother's dressing.  It is just near and dear to my heart.  The bowl is warped and discolored and I could care less.  It is the perfect vessel for my favorite dressing and I plan on having it around for a long time.  Earlier this year I shared the boys new favorite dressing, now I'll share my all time favorite.  This is my best Pioneer Woman impersonation{she takes a picture of every step} 
 My heirloom bowl
 a clove of garlic and plenty of salt
 mush it into a paste
 add some Olive Oil-3 or 4 tablespoons I'd say.  Let the garlic and oil sit for a little while, about 15 minutes.
 With a fork, take out as much of the garlic as you can.  You won't be able to get all of it, but most.
 Squeeze in half a lemon or so{sorry I don't do exacts}
 Whisk it a little with a fork.
 Add more salt, fresh ground pepper and a sprinkle of Paprika
Marinate your veggies.  Avocado is key to this salad. Lots of times I just use tomato and avocado. I like to concentrate on the lettuce when I eat a salad, but you just use whatever makes you happy, but don't forget the avocado!
My mouth is watering just looking at this.  Enjoy!

Here's what I'm working on this week.
 The guest room...

The kitchen...
 I'll be back with more pictures.  Have a happy Monday!


Jenny said...

Yummo dressing. I love avocado. I know it is healthy but I could eat an entire one by myself, not so healthy. Any-who, I don't have a wooden salad bowl, you'd think I would since I "only eat salads" according to my kids. I love your Pioneer woman imitation. I am addicted to her show. I am DVRing it and pausing a lot on her hotty husband. Can't help myself. I'd move from the city to a ranch for him too! Ha ha. I can't wait to see what you are doing with all those projects...

Kristin said...

I will definitely try that salad, yummy, yummy. Avocados are price here ($2.50 each) so we haven't been buying them as much but this salad looks like the perfect reason to splurge.
Those projects look like fun. I LOVE, love, love the desk and that dresser. I'm working on a bunch of projects myself. Need to get posting all those soon.
We painted our kitchen blue too. It's kind of a gray-blue-green. It looks great with the white cabinets. I'll be showing it off more when the cabinets are all done.....

Becca said...

I can say {from personal taste testing} that that salad is my favorite salad of all time!...even though I've never made it myself :). Yummo!!

I personally like the second blue down from the top. Cannot wait to see your finished kitchen! Love the desk, too. Please post after shots soon!