Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's like trying to catch the wind

My Asher is six today and I am sitting here wondering how fast the next six years are going to go.  Wasn't it just yesterday that we were bringing him home from the hospital, but at the same time, thank goodness it's not.  The quandary of loving those babies, being ok that everyone is getting more independent, but wishing for just certain moments to be relived, the pause button, some way to rewind once in a while.  Do you ever feel that way? 

He started Kindergarten this year and I miss him.  Sloan and I visit school often to have lunch with him and Sloan leaves every time crying for "his Asher".  I feel the same way.  I wouldn't mind just scooping him up and taking him back home.  "We'll be back when I'm a little more ready to give him up." I'd say to the Principle. But, you can't stop progress, and Asher is ready to spread his wings. 

 Yep, this picture makes me swallow hard
 And four makes it a little bit more of a family.
Six years later, lots of laughter, a substantial amount of tears, several super hero obsessions, another brother, two more states, and he's the same joyful boy he has always been.  When his first giggle touched my ears five years and 11 months ago, I thought to myself , "hmmm, that's different" and he hasn't stopped surprising me since.  Happy Birthday sweet beautiful Asher.  We love you.


Jenny said...

Geez, when are you going to give us some warning before posts like that?! *sniff* I might take all day to recover from this one. I am proud to say I knew him as a peanut, since I met you when you were preggers with him. I agree, 6 years flies by. I think he is an amazing boy, too cute for words who gives the best hugs, I speak from experience. I hope he has a wonderful day. Happy Birthday Asher!!!

Becca said...

Happy Birthday to one of the sweetest boys I know! It breaks my heart that I never got to hold him as an infant since I got to snuggle both his brothers as babies! Oh, but the love affair started the moment we laid eyes on each other :)! Wish I could be there to help him celebrate! Assure him the card and gift will come...just remind him his Auntie is a little scatter-brained and never gets gifts there on time! Didn't get you called this morning and I'm sorry, but we've been thinking of our sweet Asher all day! Happy, happy Birthday!

Aunt Meri said...


Love ya!

Aunt Meri & Dolliemae

Anonymous said...

Awwww, the hospital pictures brings back memories we sure miss you and your family. Happy Birthday Asher XOXOX! Madison and I are so glad for the wonderful time we had with your family. Sending lots of love to the entire family!


Sarah said...

we miss you Tina! Remember how Todd used to practically drop that baby in your arms and run back home :) And little Holden running into the arms of Madison-I will never forget them together! hugs to you am m.