Friday, March 19, 2010

Brownies with boundaries

These brownies do not come with a disclaimer, or a warning, they come with a RULE. DO NOT MAKE THESE FOR YOUR FAMILY! They will make you gain weight, they will ruin all your hard work, they will make you feel bad about yourself, they will talk to you in the middle of night even if they are in the freezer, so don't do it-period.

These brownies are strictly to be made for other people. They should be made for sick friends, neighbors, pot lucks, church socials, pretty much any function outside of your home. These brownies are only meant to impress friends and offer you a quick go to recipe for your busy life. I have tasted them. They are good. I gained the pound for you because that's what kind of friend I am. Don't leave nasty comments and send me angry emails about your jeans not fitting because I have provided the boundaries.

With that said....visit Tidymom for the recipe. You must use her ganache frosting because it is beyond amazing. Throw any extras away. You heard me-put them in the trash. Don't fool yourself by saving the unattractive edge pieces. Put them in the garbage even if your child is blocking the can and threatening to have a tantrum over it. Tell Holden-I mean your child-that it is for the betterment of the family waistline. The end(and that body part too).


Becca said...

Can't stop laughing! You are too funny...I love you! :)Now, feel free to make them for our family...hahaha!

Erin M said...

HAHA! Grandma told me about these. She said (threatened) that she was going to make them for our family...guess I will have to do a little extra work on the treadmill. MISS YOU GUYS!

Jenny said...

Well if you have any spare time, you can make me some too (after you make some for Becca). Yummo, wow!