Wednesday, March 24, 2010

projects to keep me sane

Todd was in town in past weekend and it gave me a much needed chance to make a run to the Armadillo. I power shopped through and fought the urge to buy awesome project furniture, but found a few things that will consume my crafty craving for a little while. I have been wanting a shutter for a long time and finally just bought one. It wasn't at any fabulous price, but I had a gift card to spend so I splurged. The stairs basket is also something I've been looking for. Neither of these things will look the same once I get my spray cans out.

I've been looking at much bigger versions of this glass thingy-can't remember what they're called-at hobby lobby, but opted for a small version considering I have to move across the country in a big bouncy truck :)
After discussing at length with Becca(actually I vented, she listened)about how much it totally sucks not to have anything cute in my house anymore, I decided to add some personality and Easter decor despite what they say about neutralizing your house while it's on the market. My house clearly hasn't sold(not even a low ball offer after 60+days) so I have decided to go for a more lived in look for future showings and maybe it will change our luck. Do you think it's possible to have too clean of a house?

For the record I really tried not to use cardboard to decorate this little scene, but just could not, in no way resist. And for the record that is dust on the chest. Ahhh(choo)...more lived in all ready.


Becca said...

SUPER CUTE! I feel that your brand of decorating can only help the sale of your home!

Jenny said...

Definitely decorate! I was sighing sadly when I got the kids easter baskets out, I was wanting to put out all my cute bunnies and chicks too, I know what you mean. Still cute as can be. Could it be a "terrarium"?