Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What I know about selling a house

1. It sucks.

2. The only thing that sells a house is the PRICE.

3. You have to pack up all your crap(by crap I mean all the little things you love and adore and make your house fun). When you think you have decluttered enough, go back and fill two more rubber maid containers, then you are actually done.

4. You must live like you don't eat. This is what a clean counter looks like, I hope you never have to see one in your own house.

5. Then you must live like you didn't have a wedding, or kids, or any relatives. Depersonalizing is really hard for mothers who love their baby's faces.

6. You must try anything to manipulate emotions. I don't know what fresh flowers really say? "You can have spring all year long if you live in this house" or "this house grows it's own bouquets" I hope it doesn't say "Costco is the only good place to buy flowers and it is a 20 minute drive to the west side from Johnston".

7. Little boys should not be forced to live in houses that are for sale. But, if the unfortunate happens then they must be strapped into the minivan to watch a movie 45 minutes prior to a showing so that you can actually get the house picked up without your head literally spinning off your shoulders.

8. Make lots of spare keys. Chances are some(I'm about say the "S" word as Holden would say) really STUPID Realtor will lock you out of your house and force you to spend three hours at your neighbors waiting to get back in so you can put your baby to bed. Take my word for it. My next post will be 8 Things I know about really STUPID Realtors.


Jenny said...

Is there anything you can't do? How did you get your house ready to sell so quickly? I agree, it does suck and we should not have to go to so much trouble (depersonalizing). I am envious that your garage is so well sorted. I hear you so loud and clear about keeping the kids entertained while you clean house, ugh. Sorry you got locked out. I was locked out of my car when I had to pick Zoe up from school early b/c she was sick, needless to say, we did not get home early. Hang in there.

Kristin said...

I'm sorry you have to go through this moving thing again so soon after you just moved. Makes me rethink the moving thing......

Becca said...

UGH! I feel for you!...I know I couldn't do it (except for the bear wall thing :)). Just know how awesome you are that you keep yourself from diving off the deep end! It takes a lot to stay as sane as you should be proud of yourself! Love to you Sarie!

Becca said...

I mean bare wall...I just had a baby...still a little brain-dead! :)