Monday, March 22, 2010

a shoe party?

Someone in blog land was having a shoe party last week.  I can't find the blog now, but it was an invitation to share your most fabulous shoes.  Mine aren't anything that are going to inspire, but I'm joining the party anyways. 

My new identity shoes

My real identity shoes

My favorite hand-me-down shoes

My favorite summer sandal

My new summer sandal

My favorite Target shoes

My newest Target shoes

My dustiest shoes(haven't been worn since our last vacation...)

My oldest shoes-I think they've come back in style


Jenny said...

Love them all! I too have some cowgirl boots (mine have jewels on them- yeehaw!) and I think I wore them with much more confidence before. Now I am addicted to Converse and flip flops from LLBean, so sad. The life of a stay at home mom. I hope you get lots of opportunities to wear them all.

Becca said...

Let's see...if I played this game on my blog it would be an admittance to just how pathetic my wardrobe is, so, I think I'll