Wednesday, March 17, 2010

eat your veggies

I am really trying to make my blog contain some useful information, not just ramblings from a frustrated stay at home mom. Have you seen the movie Julie and Julia? I think it would be awesome to have a blog with such purpose and then have a huge following. I get really excited when someone I know leaves a comment, having someone I've never met follow me would be super cool. BUT, for now my blog is a way to stay connected to old friends, highlight our days events for family far away, and a creative outlet to stay sane. My sisters think I should start blogging about moving to the south, but I'm sticking with my crazy life format for now.

With that said, I'm sharing with you the only way I eat brussel sprouts just in case you need a new recipe and haven't already tried this. I am certain I never touched a brussel sprout when I was young, but I am really fond of them now. I will admit I am kind of picky about how I eat my veggies. I never steam them, something about it is very unappetizing to me.

So here is my technique for a lot of green veggies, brussels being my favorite.

1. Clean and cut sprouts
2.cook on medium heat in a saute pan with a splash of olive oil.
3.Saute and let the cut side get brown-there is a fine line between a good sprout and a mushy bad sprout. Shoot for al dente. maybe 5- 7 min?
4. turn heat down to med/low and add 1 clove of chopped garlic. If you have a garlic press use that because those rock. Cook for 30sec-1 minute.
5. This is where it gets really yummy(I forgot to take a picture of the yummy part) Add about 2 splashes of balsamic vinegar. It will bubble and carmalize your little sprout to pure yumminess. Remove from heat and serve.
6. I love the left overs the next day cold in a salad-yummy yummy and even more yummy

*forgot to tell you to sprinkle with a touch of sea or kosher salt*

Now I'm going to ramble. I had to share this picture because it was just too adorable.

All shopped out


Alison said...

Good to see you and the kiddos today! Take care!

Becca said...

Have a bag of brussels in my fridge...can't wait to try this recipe! Love Sobe! So cute!

Jenny said...

brussels are one of my favos too, been wanting to watch julie and julia, hubby says no way, wait til he is gone, love that picture of sloan, so adorable

Anonymous said...

Look how super "SWEET" he looks!!! Awww and by the way I am one of your blog fans :) I love know how you & your family are doing.

Murillo Family said...

Bought the brussels sprouts today, not a fan but I need more veggies, so I will try these. They sound good!