Saturday, March 6, 2010

Burlap might be my new obsession

I finished my wreath this weekend and although I like Tatertots and Jello's wreath better, I had fun doing it. I used buttons because I had them, and I'm all about using what I already have. She used sparkly brads or something-they were cute. I also crinkled my flowers because I thought it looked more flowery and I liked how the burlap fringed.
I used a really small wreath form. I could have stopped here. Did I mention I now love burlap.

Maybe next year in a new house I'll find a place to put it. I'm going to display it even though my house is free of all things crafty(see previous post). Maybe like fresh flowers it will add some warmth and good feelings when someone comes for a showing(fingers are crossed).

1 comment:

Stephany Anderson said...

That wreath is too cute! I wish I had a little bit of "Martha" in me.