Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Excuse me while I organize my way out of this mess. This week I am working on bringing up the spring and summer clothes. This seems like a big job. Organizing hand-me-downs, taking inventory, buying what is needed. This is when having three kids starts to really sink in.

Over at Clover Lane she has been working on a Lent project of 40 bags in 40 days-the ultimate spring de-cluttering and purging. I have not gone to such extremes, but I am working on certain areas of the house. I had a huge bin for goodwill and two bags of garbage just from cleaning out the master bedroom closet and bathroom. It felt awesome.

I don't have any amazing tips to share about organizing clothes, just make sure to do it because the alternative will put you on a reality TV show for hoarders.
Becca had a post the other day about how she is staying sane with a new born and a four year old all day. It included all the games she is playing with her adorable son Ty(he is an awesome little smarty). She is a great mother and takes the time to sit down and engage her little people. The above is the only way I stay sane-especially now while I am on my own. 7:30 bedtime! My only saving grace. Sometimes it's the hour of the day I dream about from the moment my feet hit the floor in the morning-is that awful. I am holding on to 7:30-sometimes even 7:15 if it has been especially brutal-for as long as I can. Daylight savings only means that crazy neighborhood outside play is just around the corner and I will have to get my lasso to get these cowboys to bed by 9. Sometimes winter has it's advantages.


Jenny said...

I am a big fan of "after 8, it is great."

Murillo Family said...

We too have a 7:30 bedtime, and sometimes it is 7:00!!! In the summer i really let them go wild until 8:00, but we don't have the kind of neighborhood they can just go play outside and come back later, so it isn't too bad. Hang in there Sarah!!