Tuesday, April 6, 2010

For daddy and a couple of grandparents too

As you can tell we need a camera/skype, but for now this will have to do :) Enjoy these thighs, they won't be around for long. hugs.

*take note of Trucker totally stalking that baby. He can't wait for his booty to move so he can attack the crumbs in his seat. stinker.


Jenny said...

Oh squishy squish, love those legs. Our dog practically makes love to the high chair when Tanner gets down, so annoying!

Jody said...

Looks like he can almost put his foot in his mouth, so, in spite of his cute thighs, he is well coordinated!! Thanks for the videos. Next best thing to seeing the boys in person.

Becca said...

Sobe!...those thighs! Love them! Need to smooch the little guy!! How bout this weekend?