Friday, April 9, 2010

Martha, Martha, Martha

I used to be a Martha fanatic, then I had kids and reality stopped me from aspiring to be just like her. I have lost touch with her latest projects and her magazine frankly bores me to death, but when it's time to plan a kiddie party she is me go to gal. I can't believe I am planning Sloan's 1st birthday party, but sticking my head in the sand isn't going to keep him from growing up. So I have gathered my Martha archives and I'm getting to work.

Yes, it is an ode to Iowa theme. Any reason for me to incorporate a red barn :) The above invitation is my "prototype" hardly Martha perfect.

If you ever come across Martha's old Kids magazines(she doesn't publish them anymore) at a second hand book store grab them. They are full of fabulous ideas that I have used over and over again and not just for kiddies.

And while I am on the Martha subject, she has a great line of scrappy things at Michael's Craft Store. Just your classic special touch kind of stuff. I walked by these stickers and had to have them. I really wish she still had her line of home items at Kmart. Now that stuff rocked. It was like shag green(one of her signature colors) heaven. Everything was so...well....Martha. Loved it.


Jenny said...

Did you paint those flower frogs? They are so cute. I haven't seen them in that shade or silver. I still love Martha to death, frankly, you know she is my idol. Those kids magazines rock, you are right.

Murillo Family said...

I have three of those kids magazines that I saved from my teaching days before Maya-boy am I glad, and wish I could find some more!!!

Becca said...

Let's start a petition...bring back Martha's Kids magazine. As you know, I cherish mine as well!