Monday, April 12, 2010

I love finished projects

Shudder before
We had very little going on this weekend. A few showings, some nice weather, and lots of free time. You would think that was a good thing, but that is my worst kind of weekend when I am alone with the kids. I'm stressed trying to get the house clean with everyone at home from school, the kids are running the neighborhood all day and night, and I am missing my husband like crazy. My only salvation is to do something creative.

I primed and painted it the same blue as my table in the family room. My trick to a speedy antique shudder is storing my premixed colored glaze in a plastic container. It seems to keep well and it saves lots of time and energy.

I think I like it.


Murillo Family said...

Your living room looks so beautiful, happy, comfortable, homey. If I were in the market for a home where you are I'd buy yours-but lets face it we have too many and are trying to sell one in OH ourselves. It sure doesn't look like this though-it is empty :-(. I can't wait to have some creative time next school year!

Jenny said...

Looks so good! Have you had any offers yet? I hope it goes quickly for you. I totally get trying to keep the house clean while kids are running around.

Becca said...

looks very good...adds just the right "pop"!