Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm no expert

I am seriously the last person who should be giving out beauty tips, but in a quest to make my blog more useful to my readers(I do have readers don't I?), I am sharing with you what I use to make myself presentable to the world.

With that said, I am a loyal consumer. I try new things, but when I find something that works I stick with it. I have determined that is why I am such a poor coupon user, I can't change products on a weekly basis. When I love it, I use it and that makes me happy. So these are tried and true products that I can say with confidence would make you happy too.

Now with ALL that said. Let's get the proper perspective on my makeup bag. I'm a stay at home mom. I feel confident sharing makeup tips with you because possibly my readers are too(I do have readers don't I?-I mean Jenny can't be my only follower, although she IS my only commenter...hmmm...)If my job was taking me out of my house, this look may not fly, but it's not. So if your a Paris runway model(or my sister Kit)stop laughing.

1. Face. I love Bare Essentials Mineral Makeup. It is true I ordered my original kit off an infomercial, but also at the recommendation of my friend Kristi. It is great for sensitive skin, which I have. It is great for people who detest heavy liquid foundation, which I do. It is great for moms who want to get kissably close to their babies without leaving a mark, which I appreciate. I swear this makeup looks better later in the day, even after I sweat in the tropical summers of Iowa-can your liquid foundation say that?-I think not.

2. Eyes. First step is Mr Frosty. I use it in the corner of my eyes as a highlighter to hide all the hours of sleep I haven't had. Something about the white color in the corner diminishes the bloodshot look of my tired eyeballs. If it has been a particularly bad night I use it on my top lid as well like eye liner. Step 2 of eyes is shadow. I like to use a shiny neutral base all over my lid and a matte powder just in the corner. My sister says I can do shiny in my 30s, not sure why at 40 it's not a good idea, but I don't question my elders(tee hee). Ok, step 3 is crucial and maybe the one you don't do. CURL YOUR LASHES. I dream of Latisse, but for now I will settle for curling. Last step is mascara. I personally like dark black. I'm sure there are some people who should use brown, and if that's me I don't care. I like the above brand(all above products were purchased at Sephora, click on picture to enlarge brand names), it was a gift from my sister-she's so nice.

3. Hair. I color, blow dry and flat iron my hair. I have also inherited frizzy ends. I pretty much can't over moisturize, but who has time to stand in the shower all day for that. I use Lanza leave in conditioner on the ends. Then the MoroccanOil all over. I was watching the Today show the other morning and Hoda featured it as one of her favorite products. I'm with her on that! The oil smells wonderful and leaves a beautiful shine, especially if you use a lot of heat like me.

Not pictured, but oh so important, is the last step. Lipstick. It's like the icing people!


Becca said...

Always love your posts and will use this info wisely...(mr. frosty is one of my favorites too thanks to you. And, a little hurt by the "jenny is my only commenter" thing...I can't keep up with your mad posting :)...jeez...three or four to my one...notice that I've made a comment on each of your wonderful posts!

Jenny said...

Hey, I want some of that frosty stuff! I need it bad. I am going to get some, I will let you know how it works. I love lipstick too, definitely like the finishing touch to our daily paintings.

Lisa said...

Yes you do have readers...even if this one has no idea of this word you have been What does it mean? And even with fake hair I don't own a curling iron, what on earth is a flat iron? Be placated. This reader is about to buy some Mr. Frosty, and then be sure to let the company know. Maybe you will score some income from all your raving. I have never worn makeup and I am about to buy some, that should be proof enough.


Murillo Family said...

Ok! I thought I was a commenter, obviously not frequently enough, hmm. I am still loving Bare Minerals too, I don't know what other people could possible use in Houston! Haven't heard of Mr. Frosty, but will be looking for it soon-I have heard that little gem of a secret on What Not To Wear, but wasn't sure what to use. Ahh the hair...I will be finding that oil because I do all those things to my hair when it isn't super humid and I want it to shine, but so far no luck. Have you ever tried coconut oil, I wonder if it is the same?