Saturday, April 3, 2010

Try, Try again

So my first burlap/shade project went ok, kind of a success but I wanted to try again. I have real issues with lamps and shades. It is hard enough finding a lamp I like and it usually never fails that the shade it comes with drives me crazy. I have had my best luck finding lamps at Pier 1. They are inexpensive, the shades come with them(unlike PB where you have to purchase the costly shade in addition to the expensive lamp), and they are versatile.
This lamp happens to be a Target purchase a couple of years ago. It has been in every room of my house at one time or another. It's most recent spot was the living room, but after the boys shattered(via a pillow) my glass lamp in the family room, I have been unsuccessfully trying to find a lamp for my blue table. Yes, I realize this lamp is glass as well, but it is thick and more durable than the last-I think(?) it may work in this space. My issue is the shade. It was a little dressy for my family room.

I love the brown burlap against the blue. the ribbon is just a shade darker.

I used my trusty spay adhesive on the shade. A glue gun for the ribbon.

Ta Da! A whole new look.


Jenny said...

Love it! I have been looking for a good glass lamp too, haven't found one yet.

Becca said...

Love the new look! Much better than the plain white...cute, cute, cute!