Tuesday, April 6, 2010

obsessed much

Clearly I have a problem...
Sometimes I just can't rest until things are "right" in my house and well this wasn't right. I thought I could live with leopard print, I thought I could get over not using the fabric I loved. Well I was wrong...oh...and bored...so I was off to Target for a shade. I can rest better now. My house seems to be in balance, something about the print was just throwing off it's mojo and I don't have time for that!
I am never recovering another shade so you can come back to my blog tomorrow. It's safe. I promise.


Jenny said...

Again, love it! I understand how you feel. I have anxiety about certain things too, they just have to be right and finished. Is that a cute little flying pig, that is a Cincinnati symbol you know. You are subliminally missing us here.

Becca said...

clearly you obsess...but for good reason...this is so, so, so cute and I love it way better than the burlap over leopard print...wasn't you!