Sunday, April 25, 2010

Our Fun Is Here This Weekend

Todd is here this weekend and thank goodness we are able to celebrate the house sale because we were at the end of our rope being apart. Sloan is having a great time with his Daddy, Asher is talking both his ears off and unfortunately Holden is trying to recover from Strep Throat. We have our DJ and dance partner back. Life is good.

Yes, Todd does throw my precious baby up to the ceiling and just about gives me a heart attack. The squeals were huge after that trick.


Mer said...

So cute! :)

Becca said...

Glad Toddy was back and you guys got to enjoy some family time! Todd looks so happy...Sloan too!

Jenny said...

Oh, I am so glad for your reunion. I was thinking that song from the 70s "Reunited" would be so appropriate. Paul is so rough with our kids I have to leave the room and sometimes go outside becuase I just cannot watch. Ahh, breathe honey, it will get better soon. I just read about the no undies, maybe if you try those really big granny kind they won't get bunched so easily?! Just kidding. Creepy that the buyers keep driving by, eww, do you want to flip them off every time? I would be so annoyed. Tanner is not sleeping either, I am blaming it on teething, something that sounds about right and I can't really prove it. Hang in there.