Tuesday, January 17, 2012

making that again tuesday{hmmm, that doesn't rhyme}. But first an update...

It was a long weekend.  As everyone warned, it got worse before it got better, but by Monday Asher was feeling more like himself.  A sunny smile was on his face, he was off the powerful pain medication, and has even been downstairs to play Wii.  Still lots of rest, still grumbly about taking his medicine, still taking it very easy for a while longer. 

Sloan is taking this tonsil thing and running with it!  T.V. on all day, balloons, ice cream and popsicles.  Yes please! 

I've been doing a little cooking, as getting into any involved project while taking care of a child suffering through miserable pain has been difficult. So I'm hanging out in the kitchen. 

You may have noticed lots of talk about switching out a usual weekly meal for a vegetarian one lately.  Guess all those  New Year resolutions out there are the same.  Get healthier.  I thought the following dinner was yummy.  It's not kid approved.  They will hyperventilate on the way to the dinner table if you make them eat it.  Todd{even he was surprised} and I gave it two thumbs up.  Good leftovers too.  Maybe make it for a girls night in, or for a vegetarian friend, or to torture your kids{which I personally enjoy doing}.

Creamy Spinach Enchiladas{recipe here}

January just brings out my grainy side{tell me you have one of those too}.  Guess there is something to that New Year new healthy you thing.  It just seems right to be toasting nuts and oats on cold winter nights.  I love this sprinkled on top of my cereal{I should be eating oatmeal...this would be divine over oatmeal}, a little soy milk, and I'm a happy{healthier?} camper.

Granola with Pecans and Dried Fruit{recipe here}
I don't always add fruit{cranberries if I do} and I use pecans, walnuts and almonds.
Take some to your neighbors, they will love you.

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Jenny said...

I hope my Asher-boyfriend feels better soon. Big hugs buddy. Big hugs.

I too am making veggie meals.I didn't tell anyone I was doing it consciously, I just do it. They complain, a lot, but who's in charge around here?! Those enchiladas look/sound yummo! The granola too. I would love it if my neighbors brought it to me!