Thursday, January 19, 2012

a sloan sized post

There are some things I thought you should know about Sloan{and some things I never want to forget}.  He's two and a half, and for what he lacks in size and experience, he makes up for with personality. How do you think the baby of the family knows he's "the baby"? It must strictly be due to the fact that we let him be, and he takes that straight to the baby bank and cashes in.  I could have another child{I'm just saying I could}, and then what would happen to this silly youngest child of three?  Would his demeanor change, become more reserved and "middle" like? Birth order intrigues me, and my children follow all the birth order rules to a tee.  I love how different they are and how different they need me to be. At this stage Sloan clearly wants me to be exhausted.  He is the most demanding child I've had, the loudest, the one with the very best little boy hair and worst behavior in the grocery store.  There are a few more things as well...

 He wants to be the heard.  When everyone has something to say{at the same time} He screams at his brothers "I talking first!"

He calls himself Sobee

 His bike is his favorite toy {and the hose, although he finds himself banned from it on most occasions due to his favorite game, called spray mom even when she's dressed for something special}.

When he's really excited about something he exclaims "OH BABIES!"

He likes it when people are visiting his house.

He throws play dough across the room.

He only colors with markers and sharpies{ie:demanding}.

He's the first one to shout "Group Hug!".

He hides behind anything he can get his hands on. A stuffed animal, a piece of paper, a nickel. As long as his eyes are shut and he can't see us, it only makes sense that we can''t see him. That game never gets old

Lots of times he says I love you first.

Kisses only count if they're on the lips.

when asked what football team he is cheering for he says he's for The Babies{do you sense an obsession here}.

He has sat at the dinner table before and called every single one of us stupid heads{go ahead and be horrified}.  It went something like this...Asher's a stupid head, Holden's a stupid head, mommy's a stupid get the idea.

He has no less, but possibly a lot more than 11 stuffed animals in his bed every night.

He thinks that when anyone in the family is having a birthday it's his too.

Earlier this month it was Todd's{real} and Sloan's{fake} birthday

We went so far as to start adding his name to the cake{ie:he's that demanding}.

He's glad when he gets his way.

He spends some quality{and quantity} moments in "time out".

He can't stand the Wii because it takes attention away from him

When Holden and Asher won't play with him he says "but your my BROTHER!"  It works every time.

He can't stand when I wear my hair up in a bun. 

When I wear my hair in a ponytail he calls it my "big girl hair".

He is in love with his teacher Miss Anna.

He always has to have loose change in his jeans pockets.

He is truly our source of entertainment, and there's no place he'd rather be then on "stage" making us laugh.


Anonymous said...

Love this post!!! Sending lots of love you the entire family.

Tina & Madison

Becca said...

Oh, my! Such a wonderful post Sarah. I just want to squeeze him and kiss him {on the lips, of course}. Miss you guys so,so much...


Alison said...

Thank you for sharing Sloan with your followers! I read this with a big smile and tearfilled eyes. So, so cute...and lot like my Cally! Take Care!