Friday, January 20, 2012

finishing what I started{18 months ago}

Last January I posted{here} house goals and I am just now getting around to finishing some of them{anyone know what that feels like?}.  Sloan's room was painted when we moved in, but I had done nothing else.  I can't say that the room is looking amazing, but it is better.  My kids bedrooms are sometimes just difficult to decorate.  Purchasing "art" for the walls never makes sense, as they grow so fast it seems the theme is always changing with their interests.

This is a small room, with a ridiculous amount of bookshelves.  In the not so distant future it will have a big boy bed in it.  Eventually Holden will be asking for this room, and we will be rotating boys and stuff.  Right now it makes Sloan happy to have a few new things on the walls and I'm considering it done, crossing it off my list.

This chest was his changing table and while he is not yet out of diapers, he is too heavy to wrestle onto a changing pad. 

This color is my all time favorite boy blue.  Its a Ralph Loren paint color, I think called washed denim.  Shopped the house for a few things{so beats shopping anywhere else!}, and the banner and pictures are form his 1st birthday.

Sloan picked out the bulldog puppy from an Etsy shop{wish I could remember which one}.  He's proud of it.

Hooks for hats and capes.  Shelves for everything else.  I love this bookcase.  Such a nice addition for a small room. 

Todd shared some pictures from one of his favorite books.  Shopping the house, destroying books, pretty much decorating on a shoestring budget.

These are Sloan's favorite addition to the room.  He likes the one in the middle.

The toddler bed will one day be replaced with a full size bed.  All those shelves, that's the part that Holden dreams about when thinking of this room for himself.  I'm not going to complain about them, but they are nearly impossible to make look like anything.  Just cluttered, which is exactly the part that Holden likes, he has enough garbage "treasures" to fill 25 bookcases. 

So that's the tour, dust bunnies and all{I see them under the bed.  BIG scary ones}.
Have a great weekend!

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Becca said...

Like the bulldao {good job Sloan!} and the truck pictures! I'd say check it off...lookin' good!