Wednesday, January 11, 2012

what I wore wednesday:dressing for the elements

It's rainy here in East Tennessee.  Like, really rainy.  And it's not just cloudy and a touch of dreary, it's really wet.  And not just really wet like the rain that is falling at your's wetter than that.  It's officially the wettest rain I have ever felt and I've lived in Seattle!  I had a rain coat in Seattle, never once did I think I needed boots.  While living in Iowa I hardly ever wore mittens in below 0 weather, let alone felt like I needed boots for the rain.  Not the story here in  Knoxville, you best get out your gear if you want to get your errands run.  Not only is the rain wet, it dumps out of the sky like a flood.  Praise God we live at the top of a hill, although you can't not live at the top of a hill here...but that's for another post tilted "I can't take a walk in this town without my thighs burning". 

So, after everyone I knew here had rain boots, I thought maybe they were on to something. Santa was kind enough to bring me a pair.  Today my feet are dry because of it-hooray! 

Rain coat{Target}
Rain boots{Zappos}
Scarf{The Gap}


Becca said...

very cute! It's now snowing

Jenny said...

Oh you look so stinkin cute. Will you be mad at me if I tell you I got some rain boots that look almost identical to yours at Walmart for like $14? I did. I have been rocking mine with tights, big booty and all. It has been raining here nonstop for like months. Your boots are probably way better quality. Love the rain coat, I am maybe going to get one from Lands End, just haven't bit the bullet yet.