Thursday, January 12, 2012

a taste of summer

I had to search my own blog to see if I had ever posted about this salad.  I have been at this blogging thing for a while and I am certain I repeat myself all the time.  I posted a link to this salad sometime last summer{from this blog}, but I made it yesterday and decided it was too good not to post a picture.  This salad is all things summer and that is why this cabin fevered mama had to make it.  It's simple, good for you, and taste wonderful any time of year.  It's one of my favorite lunch time meals. 

Mix together:

 Canned chickpeas{drained and rinsed}

diced tomatoes

diced green onions

chopped fresh parsley

olive oil

lemon juice

fresh garlic


salt & pepper to taste


 parmesan cheese

*note* the recipe calls for garlic but I haven't added it before and it's still yummy.  Raw garlic and I aren't always friends.
I always use two cans of chickpeas and then eat it for a couple days.


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WIll you be my personal chef? All of my favorites in one recipe, yeehaw! I would add the garlic, yummers.