Friday, January 13, 2012

thank you

Thank you for all the emails, the messages, the texts, the prayers.  Asher did a great job this morning, not a single tear or fearful moment.  He is home and doing all his nurse instructed.  Drinking, sleeping, taking his pain meds{every three hours, round the clock, totally worth waking up in the middle of night}.

Lynxie and Asher ready for surgery

I guess we have several days of this ahead. 

Have a wonderful weekend.  I'll be back{probably a lot} next week.  God Bless.


Aunt Meri said...

Good Job Ash!!!!!!!!

Love ya!!!!

Jenny said...

Not sure how i missed this one. Poor boy. I am all teary looking at him. What is wrong with me today? Anyway, glad he did well and hope he is feeling better ASAP! Big hugs to you Asher.