Sunday, January 27, 2008


Thank you everyone for making my birthday so special. I had a great day opening all my packages and cards that arrived from around the United States. I escaped the house early to see a movie and have lunch with my very best friend Becca. I really needed some girl time and she let me go on and on about getting older and wrinkle control. I'm pretty tickled to be back in Des Moines celebrating all of life's little accomplishments and milestones with her.


Bec said...

Anytime, name the place!! love ya, you old bag! (HA HA)

Meri said...

Cute hat!!!!

Sorry I forgot to call you! Spaced it off!!!!! I know I am a bad sister-in-law!!!!!! :)

Love ya!


K said...

Happy Birthday! Wish I could have celebrated with you, it sounds heavenly.