Thursday, January 24, 2008

This little boy is just too much. Look at those dance moves. I know what your thinking, Holden must have clobbered him and that's why he is crying. In most scenarios that would be accurate, but this time he just hit himself in the head with binoculars. Asher is the sweetest little bug around and the best part is he knows it. When Todd comes home in the evening the boys(that includes the dog) head upstairs to catch up on the latest UTube videos. Asher's favorites are the semi truck races. He loves the smoke billowing out of the stacks and the rattle of the engines. Todd plays parts of Smokey and Bandit and he and Asher just cheer and high five over it. I don't get it-and that's a good thing. The minute I show genuine interest Todd will have me strapped into a truck and trailer delivering produce to California. I can just hear him now "You said you wanted to go on vacation Sarah" ummm..not quite what I had in mind. Anyways, Asher takes after his daddy for sure and that is fun to watch.

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going places mommy said...

Katie and Maddie love the pictures. They can't get enough.