Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The best part about setting up this blog so far is finding out that other friends have them as well! I am so happy to be able to check in on every ones life and see pictures of their kids. Getting a chance to "talk" with old friends is fabulous and has made me think about how much we miss Cincinnati. Well, not Cincinnati but the friends we made there. I know I speak for Holden and Asher when I say there are three things we miss terribly. The girls and their kids in playgroup(I wish I had a picture of everyone-Donna, Natasha and Corie are not in this photo) , Joanie and her farm, and Madison and Tina.

I still get teary eyed when I think of Madison, Holden's very best friend in the neighborhood. They shared the same love for animals and adventure, with a little bit of dare devil mixed in. Every afternoon Holden would hound me about finding her in the neighborhood. It never failed that when we did she would scream his name, her arms would fly open and she was running full speed to pick him up and twirl him around. Holden couldn't get enough of that spirited little girl.


Jenny said...

Sarah, we miss you too! Love that you included us, we all were talking about you today, we are lovin' your long hair and miss seeing you, kisses and hugs to the boys.

K said...

Miss you too girl! Any chance you'd come back :)