Tuesday, January 29, 2008

As you may have guessed, living in a rented townhouse leaves me with little to do as far as decorating and organizing-which is one of my favorite past times. I even like to clean and this place has left me uninspired to scrub and dust. We have been here four months and there are still drawers in the kitchen that I refuse to open. It is just very used. I am looking forward to a house, not sure when that will happen, but definitely looking forward to it.
One room in this place that I decided to make my own was the laundry room. You just better watch out when I start to stamp. One of these days Holden will probably show up to school with his name stamped across his forehead. That's how much I love to label with my stamps!
So I got to work on labeling my baskets and tying them with pretty ribbon. Just a little color to brighten a very dull job.


K said...

It looks lovely.

Jenny said...

Looks so cute! I don't blame you for wanting to make this space better, us mommies certainly spend enough time in here.