Tuesday, January 22, 2008

These two bathing beauties have run me ragged all ready this week

I am sorry to anyone who has ever purchased a gift for our kids, apparently all they wanted was a box. This box has seen several WEEKS of play. It has been a jail, a bear cave, a rocket ship, a boat, a house,and the best so far...a dinosaur egg. So you know what to get them next Christmas :)


Jenny said...

Hi Sarah! Yeah, I have a blog too! You are the first person besides Paul, that I have told. I'm not so sure about this sharing thing, you know me, neurotic as ever. I love yours and it is bookmarked for me, I'll be checking often. Love you! Mine is- I'm an organized mommy, on blogger too.

Bec said...

Sarah you are a rock star- love the blog!

Jody said...

Hi Sarah - Can't believe you found a way to organize those little cars! What a gal! Your blog brightens my day.