Monday, January 21, 2008

If I made a New Years resolution this year(don't believe in them) it would have been to feed my family better. If you know them, you know how picky they can be. Number one pickiest is my wonderful husband. He has single handedly sucked all the fun out cooking for me. He always points out that he eats what I make, but only after he doctors it up in some absolutely disgusting and inappropriate way. Since we have had kids I have tried like crazy to keep the mayo and shredded cheese off the dinner table, but I am out numbered! Holden is in love with ranch dressing and I don't think Asher even likes it, but since big brother is all about it he has to dip as well. They do a pretty good job at trying their veggies, but it is always a struggle and I know they never eat enough. I heard about this book, it is all about smuggling veggies into your kids favorite foods. Carrot puree in meatball soup, cauliflower in banana bread, even spinach into brownies. So I spent time last night steaming, pureeing and labeling all sorts of veggies. Honestly it was a lot of work but I am happy to say they gobbled down sweet potato pancakes this morning with virtually no complaints. Today I feel deceptively brilliant. It is hard to out smart a four year old!

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